Basketball Shoe Culture

Basketball Shoe Culture

If you are into shoes then you are have to be aware of the growing basketball shoe culture.  Major brands are jumping back into basketball shoes.  With the NBA growing in pop culture popularity and the ease in which major shoe brands can create cross over shoes the every day fan can wear and enjoy there is big money and big style within the basketball shoe market.

Nike and Jordan have dominated the basketball shoe market for years, but in recent years Adidas and Under Armour have made major moves nationally while other companies have made smaller splashes, like Anta with Klay Thompson and new comer to the field Puma.

Recent MVP’s Stephen Curry and James Harden have had huge impacts on the market share for both Under Armour and Adidas.  Player popularity has been crucial for expanding market share as young fans run to footlocker and other stores to purchase they favorite players shoe.  In addition to James Harden Adidas works with Kanye West and further establishes it shoes into pop culture.  Off of the basketball court and onto feet all over the world.

My personal favorite player is Steph Curry, but I do not personally wear Under Armour shoes, because I do not like the high ankle cut their shoes typically have.  I prefer Adidas or classic Jordan Shoes.  When it comes to basketball shoes you better be ready to spend some serious cash.  These shoes are not cheap.  It is not uncommon for shoes to cost between $100- $150 per pair.  I recently placed a bet with a friend of mine who runs a carpet cleaning company.  If he wins, I have to give him a pair or my vintage Jordan shoes.  If I win I get my carpet cleaned and a bottle of wine minimum of $50 bottle.  I personally like red wine and I am already doing my research on what bottle I want.  No way he wins this bet.  Here is to great wine, clean carpets, and stylish Jordans.


How to Pick a Heel


So many of my friends pick heels they cannot walk in.  I tell them if they learned a couple simple things they would be able to find a heel that both looks great, hello sexy legs, and still allows them to walk.  After all nothing ruins the night perfect outfit, capped by the perfect shoe, but either walking like a zombie, or worse yet tripping with a drink in hand.

Now that we all agree the living dead should not be the inspiration for our shoe choices and certainly can impact the progress of an otherwise great date.  Lets learn what can actually help us pick the right heel for the right outfit.  Check out this video detailing several crucial but often times overlooked tips when purchasing your next heel.


Now its your turn to choose:

Walking Zombie, or runway model. I personally vote for the second option.  Unless of course your blind date goes sideways, you don’t like telling people “NO” and you want to make sure he does even think about a second date.  In that case take one for the team and get your zombie walk on.



Baby Shoes

There is something about baby shoes that brings a huge smile to my face.  The shoes are so small but filled with so much promise.  It seems like an incredible symbolism when connected to the life of a child.  I recently went to my best friends baby shower and she is having a baby boy in the coming months.  She received an abundance of gifts to set her and her husband up for the early months.  I do not have kids so I was a little out of my element on what to get my friend.  I knew she would already get some of the essentials like diapers, wipes, onesies, and soft blankets.

I decided to do what i do and get her sone shoes.  I know he wont be walking for a while but I didn’t want to stop that from allowing him to be dressed in style on day one.   Well ok maybe not day one but you get the point.  Being at my friends baby shower conjured up unexpected emotions for me.  It was cray to think my best friend was about to have her own little human to care for and love.  While I am single and the thought of the daily responsibility seems a bit intense, she is happy, and I am happy for her.  I hope one day to have a family and a child of my own, but in the meantime my parent friends can rely on my for periodic baby sitting and stylish kids shoes. 🙂