How to Pick a Heel


So many of my friends pick heels they cannot walk in.  I tell them if they learned a couple simple things they would be able to find a heel that both looks great, hello sexy legs, and still allows them to walk.  After all nothing ruins the night perfect outfit, capped by the perfect shoe, but either walking like a zombie, or worse yet tripping with a drink in hand.

Now that we all agree the living dead should not be the inspiration for our shoe choices and certainly can impact the progress of an otherwise great date.  Lets learn what can actually help us pick the right heel for the right outfit.  Check out this video detailing several crucial but often times overlooked tips when purchasing your next heel.


Now its your turn to choose:

Walking Zombie, or runway model. I personally vote for the second option.  Unless of course your blind date goes sideways, you don’t like telling people “NO” and you want to make sure he does even think about a second date.  In that case take one for the team and get your zombie walk on.